Dostmann P795 Dual Channel Digital Thermometer

For Highly Accurate and Precise Temperature Measurement

The Dostmann P795 dual channel digital thermometer is a precision hand held device for accurate temperature measurement. Dual channel technology allows simultaneous display of two readings or a differential result to meet the needs of automated viscosity applications, such as side-by-side kinematic viscosity, requiring two temperature measurements for viscosity index determinations.



Common Applications

  • Formulated oil analysis
  • Hydraulic oil analysis
  • Additive analysis
  • Base stock analysis

Highly accurate and precise temperature measurement

  • Wide temperature range: −200 °C to +850 °C
  • Accuracy: ± 0.015 °C from −50 °C to +150 °C
  • Resolution: 0.001 °C from −200 °C to +200 °C

Integrated SmartProbe technology

  • Probes (sold separately) contain a unique NIST-traceable calibration code
  • Meter automatically downloads calibrations coefficients of connected probe

Versatile applicability

  • Dual channel technology allows simultaneous display of two readings or a differential result
  • Battery powered unit offers portability for field applications

User-friendly features

  • USB interface for easy data download
  • Large, easy to read LCD display
  • Internal memory logs up to 4000 readings

Dimensions (W × D × H) 20 cm × 9.3 cm × 4.4 cm (7.9 in × 3.7 in × 1.7 in)
Weight 0.35 kg (0.77 lb)
Measuring 2-channel PT100 (EN 60751)
Temperature range & accuracy Range: −200 °C to +850 °C
Accuracy: ± 0.015 °C from −50 °C to +150 °C
Temperature resolution ± 0.001 °C (from −200 °C to +200 °C)
Data output USB
Operating conditions 0 °C to 40 °C
Housing Plastic
Electrical specifications 9V battery or power supply 100 Vac to 240 Vac


Dostmann P795 inlcudes the meauring instrument, 9V battery, and USB cable. Power pack, probes and product specific parts are ordered separately.


Probe, 415 x 6 mm 1.5 M Cable Digital


Probe, 230 x 3MM 1.5M Cable Digital - Thin Use w/SIMPLEVIS


Probe, 630 x 6MM 2.5M Cable Digital - Extended Use w/CAV


Power Pack


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