MPC-102S Pour/Cloud Point Tester

ASTM D7683 & ASTM D6749

The MPC-102S is an automated bench-top Pour/Cloud Point tester with a compact cryo-block bath capable of cooling samples to -65 °C without an external liquid chiller for greatly reduced electricity consumption. Meets requirements for methods ASTM D6749 and ASTM D7683. TANAKA’s MPC-102S has been designed for automatic determination of Pour Point (PP) and Cloud Point (CP) with small specimen size and shorter test cycle time while securing better test precision than the conventional manual methods. PP measurement is by “Air Pressure Method” (ASTM D6749), and CP measurement is by “Small Test Jar Method” (ASTM D7683). The epoch-making automatic PP test method yields 1° C test resolution, while the new CP method yields 0.1° C resolution.

Tanaka Automated Flashpoint Testers

Easy and Quick Operation

  • Set up a sample, select a test mode and expected pour point and press the "start" key. The sample is cooled at the steepest possible rate without affecting the formation/growth of wax crystal, known to be a critical factor for PP/CP determination.
  • Test cycle time is typically 1/3 to 1/2 of conventional tilting methods.
  • Required sample volume is only 4.5 mL. Sample cup is an easy to use test-tube type removable jar.

New Cooling System - No Liquid Chiller

  • The new colling system with a cryo block bath mofel CB-80C works without an external liquid chiller.

Testing Intervals

  • PP can be determined at 1 °C, 2.5 °C or 3°C intervals. 1 °C interval testing allows for more precise control and considerable savings.
  • CP can be determined at either 0.1 °C or 1 °C.

High Precision Pour Point Determination

  • Typical repeatability and reproducability are 1 °C (PP) and 2 °C (CP) when PP is determined at 1 °C intervals.

Compact Design and Energy Efficient

  • Cryo block bath is capable of cooling samples to -65° C without a liquid chiller.
  • Electric energy consumption is only 20% compared to MPC-102L with external chiller.

ASTM D6749 for PP and ASTM D7683 for CP

  • PP is measured by "Air Pressure Method" (ASTM D6749) and CP is measured by "Small Test Jar Method" (ASTM D7683)
  • Automatic PP test method yields 1 °C test resolution,  the CP method yields 0.1 °C resolution
  • Temperature range: ambient to 100°C (15°C to 150°C with available bath options)

Data Storage Function of Test Result

  • Up to 50 successive test results can be memorized in order of date/time by the clock function of standard accessory.
  • Optional printer accessory allows date/time along with test results to be printed.
  • Past results can all be printed at once. 

Easy to Read Display

  • Big digital display on VFD for showing real-time parameters (sample temperature, bath temperature, test result) and instrument settings.



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