MPC-102A Pour/Cloud Point Tester

ASTM D6749 & ASTM D7683

The MPC-102A is an automated bench-top Pour/Cloud Point tester with a Peltier air cooler. It is capable of cooling samples to -25 °C. The MPC-102 series has been designed for automatic determination of Pour Point (PP) and Cloud Point (CP) with small specimen size and shorter test cycle time while securing better test precision than the conventional manual methods. PP measurement is made utilizing ASTM test method D6749, namely “Air Pressure Method”, which yields eventually no bias against the conventional test method, repeatability/reproducibility of 1°C/2°C and 2-3 times faster determinations. Meets ASTM D6749 and ASTM D7683 test methods.

Tanaka Automated Flashpoint Testers


  • ASTM D6749, ASTM D7683, ISO 3016, ISO 3015

High Precision Pour Point Determination

  • Repeatability and reproducibility are 1 °C and 2 °C when PP is determined at 1 °C intervals.
  • High precision due to patented Air Pressure method
  • Pour Point at 1° C testing intervals for more precise control and considerable savings in the process

Easy and Quick PP/CP Determination

  • Simple use: set up a sample, select test mode and press Start.
  • Sample is cooled at steepest possible rate without affecting growth of wax crystal
  • Test cycle is 1/3 to 1/2 time of typical conventional tilting methods

Easy Sample Handling

  • Sample volume is only 4.5mL
  • Sample cup is a test-tube type removable jar
  • Easily programmable by user
  • Automatic pre-heating at either 45 °C or EPP+10 °C (expected pour point)

Compact Design and Energy Efficient

  • Peltier cells for sample heating/cooling are compact and energy efiicient
  • No methanol required

Safety Shutdown

  • As hot side of TED reaches 60 °C while preheating, warning buzzer sounds and heating stops

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