MKC-710S Coulometric Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator

ASTM D1533

The MKC-710S automates coulometric Karl Fischer moisture determination. The MKC-710S includes a single connection control unit plus all components in MKC-710B (the titration unit, a magnetic stirrer, automated solvent exchange unit and dot matrix printer and either a 1 or 2 component, diaphragmless or diaphragm, titration cell).

  • Large color TFT-LCD with a touch panel (8.4-inch)
  • Two different user levels and permissions
  • With a unique mechanism , the ceramic diaphragm of the optional titration cell unit can be replaced
  • Measurement results are converted to PDF and can be stored in a USB flash drive
  • By reviewing the conventional electrolytic control method , reduction of power consumption by 30%
  • When using ADP-611 , a patented scan mode automatically determines the optimal evaporation temperature. Japanese Patent No. 4247093
  • Manual solvent change unit is included

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