ASTM D5188, ASTM D5191, ASTM D6897, EN 13016-1, EN 13016-2, EN 13016-3

The ERAVAP LPG is the ultimate solution for the automated vapor pressure measurement of LPG according to ASTM D6987. For LPG vapor pressure testing eralytics increased the standard operating range of the ERAVAP to up to 2000 kPa. ERAVAP LPG covers the model series’ temperature range of -20 °C to 120 °C and is fully compliant with ASTM D6897. As extended model it covers fuels, solvents and aqueous solutions as included in the latest international standards. ERAVAP measures the vapor pressure of crude oil following the versatile ASTM D6377 standard.

  • Automotive & Aviation Gasolines
  • Hydrocarbon Solvents
  • Fragrances
  • Polymers
  • Crude Oil
  • Vapor/Liquid Ratio of Gasoline

The ERAVAP is US Military approved and suitable for:

  • EPA
  • CCQTA reference instrument
  • CARB
  • NATO

  • Large, color touchscreen for fast and easy operation in all common languages
  • Built-in industry proven PC with Ethernet, USB and RS232 interfaces for direct LIMS connectivity and output to USB flash drive, printer or PC
  • Optional 10-position Auto Sampler for even faster unattended testing. Different standards can be selected on the large touchscreen for any of the 10 samples
  • Built-in Quality Control
  • Built-in shaker for crude oil measurements
  • Remote control capability via Ethernet

Piston-Based Measurement

  • renders vacuum pumps obselete
  • simplifies measurement

Unmatched Performance

  • Peltier elements make ERAVAP the only vapor pressure tester that covers temperature range of -20 °C to 120 °C
  • Valve technology minimizes cross-contaminations

Dimensions (W × D × H) 29 cm × 35cm × 34cm (11.4 in × 13.8in × 13.4 in)
Weight 9.7 kg (21.4 lb)
Test methods ASTM D5188, D5191, D6377, D6278, D6897; EN 13016-1, EN 13106-2, EN 13106-3; IP 394, IP 409, IP 481
Hardware Features

Built-in shaker for crude oil and accelerated V/L neasurements
Patented Pure Sampling® valve technology for minimized cross-contaminants

Temperature Range

0 °C to 120 °C (32 °F to 248 °F) with Peltier technology - no external cooling required
Optional extension EV01-COOL: -20 °C to 120 °C - external cooling required
Extrapolated range: -100 °C to 300 °C

Temperature Stability 0.01 °C
Pressure Range EV10 ERAVAP: 0 kPa to 1,000 kPa (o psi to 145 psi) - high precision transducer
EV20 ERAVAP LPG: 0 kPa to 2,000 kPa (0 psi to 290 psi) - extended range pressure transducer 
Pressure Resolution 0.01 kPa (0.0014 psi)
Vapor/Liquid Ratio Variable from 0.02/1 to 100/1 - single-point, mutli-point and curve measurements
Precision Repeatability: r ≤ 0.15 kPa (0.022 psi) measured with EV10 and cyclopentane at 37.8 °C
Reproducibility: R ≤ 0.5 kPa (0.073 psi)
Sample Introduction Automated via built-in piston - no external vacuum pump required; 80 µm reusable filter
Sample Volume 1 mL (2.2 mL per rinsing cycle)
Measurement Time 5 minutes for a standard measurement
Interfaces Built-in PC with Ethernet, front and rear USB and RS232 interfaces
Direct LIMS connectivity via LAN, output to printer or PC and export as CSV or PDF
Optional input by external keyboard, mouse and barcode reader 
Power Requirements Auto-switching 85 - 264 V AC, 47 - 63 Hz max. 150 W (multi-voltage power supply)
Field application: 12 V DC (vehicle battery) adaptor available


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