AVP-30D Reid Vapor Pressure Tester

ASTM D323, ISO 3007 & IP69

The AVP-30D utilizes a miniaturized bomb to automate Reid vapor pressure (RVP) testing and maintain a compact instrument design. Use of a miniaturized bomb enhances ease of operation while achieving test results consistent with larger size Reid bombs. Meets requirements for ASTM D323, ISO 3007 and IP69.

Tanaka Automated Flashpoint Testers


  • ISO 3007, ASTM D323, IP69
  • Measuring range of 0 to 196kPa

Easy, Safe Handling

  • Compact size cylinders allow easy handling with the same test results as full size cylinders
  • LCD display with back light
  • Water level monitoring device for preventing overheating due to low water level

Compact Size

  • Width is only 400mm, lab bench space needed is minimal

Precise Results

  • Uses a semiconductor type vapor pressure sensor and reliable & efficient see-saw shaking mechanism
  • Semiconductor sensor is stable, yielding consistent test results


  • Pressure sensor can be easily calibrated using a Digital Manometer (optional)

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