BS/U/M Miniature Viscometer (Transparent)

BS/U/M Miniature U-Tube Viscometers

Catalog Number Size Approximate Constant
Viscosity Range (mm²/s)
Low High
9724-E80 M1 0.001 0.2 1.0
9724-E83 M2 0.005 1.0 5.0
9724-E86 M3 0.015 3.0 15
9724-E89 M4 0.04 8.0 40
9724-E92 M5 0.1 20 100

† Viscosity ranges in mm²/s represent flow times of 200 to 1000 seconds

The BS/U/M Miniature U-Tube Viscometer measures kinematic viscosity of transparent Newtonian liquids according to ASTM D445 and ISO 3104. Minimum sample volume is 2 mL. Minimum bath depth is 230 mm (9 in). Viscometers are provided with a certificate of calibration and instruction sheet. Holders are not available.


  • Product Total: 5
  • Product Total: 5
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