V-2020 Rotational Viscometer

For Measuring Viscous Drag of a Liquid Against a Rotating Spindle

The CANNON® V-2020 viscometers are easy-to-use, affordable rotational viscometers for the determination of dynamic viscosity. they measure the viscous drag of a liquid against a rotating spindle. With available spindles, the low viscosity LV-2020 measures from 1 mPa·s (cP) to 2,000,000 mPa·s (cP) while the moderate viscosity MV-2020 measures from 100 mPa·s (cP) to 13,000,000 mPa·s (cP). Both instruments offer 18 selectable speeds ranging from 0.3 rpm to 100 rpm.

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LV-2020 Rotary Viscometer


LV-2020 Rotary Viscometer


MV-2020 Rotary Viscometer


MV-2020 Rotary Viscometer


  • Product Total: 4

Versatile applicability

  • Viscosity range:
    • LV-2020 model: 1mPa·s (cP) to 2,000,000mPa·s (cP), depending on the spindle* selected, for low viscosity materials, e.g. inks, oils and solvents
    • MV-2020 model: 100mPa·s (cP) to 13,000,000mPa·s (cP), depending on the spindle** selected, for moderate viscosity materials, e.g. creams, food and paints
  • 18 selectable spindle speeds ranging from 0.3 rpm to 100 rpm
  • Provides simultaneous measurement of viscosity and torque and determines rheological properties at different shear rates when material is tested with the same spindle at various speeds

Accurate and precise results

  • Torque measurement accuracy: ±1.0% of range in use
  • Repeatability: ± 0.2% of range in use

Easy to Use

  • Simple controls allow quick and easy selection of available spindle/speed options
  • Just select spindle/speed, turn on the viscometer and read the displayed viscosity
  • No calculation required. Viscosity data is automatically calculated and displayed in cP, P, mPa·s pr Pa·s
  • Keypad interface displays test control parameters (spindle/speed) and measured values (% torque, viscosity)
  • Front position bubble level enables convenient adjustment of vertical position
  • Auto range button automatically determines and displays maximum (100%) attainable torque viscosity for the selected spindle and speed

Low cost and transportable

  • Compact instrument transports easily in carrying case (included)
  • An economical choice for dynamic viscosity determinations

* Optional UL adapter is required to achieve 1mPa·s (cP) viscosities, included spindles measure to 15mPa·s (cP). 

** Optional RV-1 spindle is required to achieve 100mPa·s (cP) viscosities, included spindles measure too 400mPa·s (cP)

Dimensions (W × D × H) 27.6cm × 29.8cm × 41.5cm (10.9in × 11.7in × 16.4in)
Weight 7.7kg (17.0lb)
Shipping dimensions (W × D × H) 48.0cm × 25.0cm × 38.0cm (19.0in × 10.0in × 15.0in)
Shipping weight (with all items) 9.0kg (20.0lb)
Available spindle speeds 0.3rpm, 0.5rpm, 0.6rpm, 1.0rpm, 1.5rpm, 2.0rpm, 2.5rpm, 3.0rpm, 4.0rpm, 5.0rpm, 6.0rpm, 10rpm, 12rpm, 20rpm, 30rpm, 50rpm, 60rpm, 100rpm
Viscosity range LV-2020: 1mPa·s(cP) to 2,000,000mPa·s(cP)
MV-2020: 100mPa·s(cP) to 13,000,000mPa·s(cP)
* Options required to achieve lower viscosity ranges (see "Features & Benefits" for additional details
Torque measurement accuracy ±1.0% of range in use
Repeatability ± 0.2% of range in use
Operating conditions 0°C to 40°C, 20% to 80% relative humidity (non-condensing)
Electrical specifications 115Vac, 50/60Hz; 230Vac, 50/60Hz; <20watts power consumption
Compliance CE Mark; EMC directive (2004/108/EC)


V-2020 Rotational Viscometers come with spindles, a spindle guard leg, a standard lab stand and carrying case. The MV-2020 includes 6 spindles. The LV-2020 includes 4 spindles. Description  Part #
LV-2020 Rotational Viscometer
115Vac, 50/60Hz 9725-B10
230Vac, 50/60Hz 9725-B15
MV-2020 Rotational Viscometer
 115Vac, 50/60Hz  9725-B20
 115Vac, 50/60Hz  9725-B25


UL Adapter Kit, 1.0-2K cP, V2020


Spindle, RV-4, 302SS, MV2020(SSRK/SSHK) - MV2020


Spindle, RV-1, 302SS, MV2020(SSRK/SSHK) - MV2020


Spindle, LV-1, 302 SS, LV2020


Silicone Viscosity Standards for Rotational Viscometers

Spindle, RV-7, 302 SS, MV2020


Spindle, LV-2, 302 SS, LV2020


Spindle, LV-3, 302 SS, LV2020


Spindle, LV-4, 302 SS, LV2020


Spindle guard leg, MV2020


Spindle guard leg, LV2020


Spindle, RV-5, 302 SS, MV2020


Spindle, RV-2, 302 SS, MV2020


Spindle, RV-3, 302 SS, MV2020


Spindle, RV-6, 302 SS, MV2020


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