CAV®-2100 Single-Bath Kinematic Viscometer

For Kinematic Viscosity of Transparent and Opaque Liquids
ASTM D445/D446, ISO 3104/3105, IP71

CAV®-2100 is a fully automated, single-bath laboratory viscometer with a 13-position sample handler for unattended D445 processing. Each of the two Atlantic-style tubes covers a 100-fold viscosity range between 0.5 mm²/s (cSt) and 10,000 mm²/s (cSt) from 20 °C to 150 °C (with available options).

Common Applications

  • Formulated oil analysis
  • Hydraulic oil analysis
  • Additive analysis
  • Marine fuel testing
  • Base stock analysis
  • Light and heavy fuel testing
  • Waxes/paraffin
  • Crude oil testing
  • Glycols

Reliable D445 precision

  • Temperature range: ambient to 100°C (20°C to 150°C with available bath options)
  • Viscosity range: 0.5mm²/s (cSt) to 6,000mm²/s (cSt)* in 100-fold increments (easily covering the range of 5 separate manual glass viscometers)
  • Optional, environmentally friendly Peltier cooling requires no external refrigeration
  • A well tested CANNON viscometer platform offers reliability and dependable support

Fully automated laboratory testing

  • Fully visable 13-position sample handler ensures reliable, unattended processing of up to 24 determinations/hour
  • Automation provides an alternative to labor-intensive manual testing and reduces operator to operator variability

Test versatility

  • Two viscometer tubes housed within the single instrument bath enable a 10,000 fold viscosity range on a single instrument
  • VISCPRO® PC software enables one PC to manage and control up to four instruments
  • User-configurable reports may be viewed, printed, saved and exported
  • Various sample handling options including heated sample trays, glass and plastic vials and cups
  • A dual-solvent option is available

*Some upper viscosity measurements may be limited by test temperature and sample type. Fast-run (10-fold range) tubes are also available.

Dimensions (W × D × H) Unit: 30.5cm × 72.7cm × 124.5cm (12.0in × 35.0in × 49.0in)
Service unit: 17.8cm × 50.8cm × 35.6cm (7.0in × 20.0in × 14.0in)
Solvent dispensing unit: 17.8cm × 50.8cm × 35.6cm (7.0in × 20.0in × 14.0in)
Weight Unit: 215.5kg (475.0lb)
Service unit: 13.6kg (30.0lb)
Solvent dispensing unit: 13.6kg (30.0lb)
Shipping dimensions (W × D × H) 58.4cm × 111.8cm × 152.4cm (23.0in × 44.0in × 60.0in)
Shipping weight (with all items) 242.7kg (535,0lb)
Maximum thoughput 24 tests per hour
Automated sample capacity 13 positions (1 x 13 positions)
Viscosity range 0.5mm²/s (cSt) to 6,000mm²/s (cSt) in 100-fold increments (depending on viscometer tube selection).
Fast run tubes are also available.
Timing resolution 0.01s (timing accuracy to ±0.001s)
Temperature range and accuracy 20°C to 100°C, ±0.01°C (temperatures within 5°C of ambient and below require bath cooling)
Up to 150°C, ±0.03°C
Minimum sample/solvent volume 12mL sample/21mL solvent per test (as little as 4mL with fast run tubes)
Operating conditions 15°C to 30°C, 10% to 75% relative humidity (non-condensing), Installation Category II; Pollution Degree 2
Electrical specifications 100Vac, 50/60Hz; 1750watts power consumption
115Vac, 50/60Hz; 1650watts power consumption
230Vac, 50/60Hz; 1750watts power consumption
Compliance CE Mark; EMC directive (2004/108/EC); Low voltage directive (2006/95/EC); HI-POT (1900Vdc, 60 sec.); ROHS
Data output RS-232 and RS-485


Link to Downloads page for Software and Firmware 

CAV®-2100 Single-Bath Kinematic Viscometer comes with two 13-position sample trays, service unit and solvent dispensing unit. Two viscometer tubes, one set of oil viscosity standards, a case of glass vials, a high precision digital thermometer with probe, VISCPRO® data storage/management software, a one year warranty and professional installation/training (within the domestic U.S.) are also included. Specify desired factory installed options and viscometer tubes when ordering. Computer sold separately. Description  Part #
100Vac, 50/60 Hz, 1750watts 9725-A15
115Vac, 50/60 Hz, 1650watts 9725-A05
230Vac, 50/60 Hz, 1750watts 9725-A10


Factory installed options (see NOTE) must be specified when ordering. Part numbers are listed below for field installable options. Field installation must be performed by factory-trained personnel (unless indicated by an asterisk *). Field installation costs are not included.


Description Part #
External CBC-1000 TE bath cooler (115Vac)* 61.3600
External CBC-1000 TE bath cooler (230Vac)* 61.3601
High temp (to 150°C) bath option* 61.3427
10 solo cup sample holder 61.3670
Non-heated 20 vial sample holder* 61.3551
Exhaust collector box (for one bath)* 61.3575
Heated (to 80°C) sample tray (left/right bath)* 61.3136/61.3150
High heat (to 135°C) sample tray (left/right bath)* 61.3537/61.3538
Dual solvent option 61.5141
Enhanced vapor reduction system (EVRP)* 61.3645
Multi-unit interface kit* 61.3913
Heat exchange tube tube (for use with customer chiller)* 61.3599
Digital thermometer for heater or high heat try* 61.3416
Note: added temperature calibration (for each temperature beyond the first)
is available for an added charge at the time of ordering.


Vial, CAV Plastic Thin-Walled (1,000/pk) Single Dipped NAP


Vial, Polypropylene 24mm x 62 mm (1,000/pk)


Glass Vials (24 x 62 mm) (box of 144 vials)


General Purpose Viscosity Standards

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