Service Agreements

The purchase of high quality instruments is a significant investment and the data provided impacts both product and processing decisions. A service agreement with CANNON Instrument Company ensures the quality and reliability of your results and extends the useful life of your instrument. CANNON strongly recommends annual preventive maintenance and instrument performance verification as outlined below. Complete our Service/Training Request Form for a free quotation today.

Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement

Procedures include:
  1. Visual inspection of cables, wires, tubing, and drain lines
  2. Cleaning of externally exposed components such as sample table, sample holders, circulating pumps and panels
  3. Cleaning of internally exposed components such as drain lines, pneumatic lines, air cylinders and vacuum traps
  4. Adjusting voltage and current settings for the viscometer tube thermistor sensor boards
  5. Verifying proper bath temperature control
  6. Adjusting or replacing sample handling pneumatic air cylinders and regulators

The Calibration Service Agreement

Procedures include:
  1. Complete viscometer tube calibration, using the highest quality Cannon viscosity standards
  2. Calibration labels for the front of the instrument
  3. Calibration report for quality records
Additional Benefits:
  • Minimal workflow interruption through advance scheduling
  • A complimentary 1-2 day site visit by one of our service engineers covering topics such as performance verification/calibration, applications training, method development and operator/maintenance training depending on specific customer needs
  • Preferential repair and service scheduling

NOTE:  Extended timeframe service agreements are also available. Contact Customer Service for additional information.

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