Shipment Claims

It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect all shipments upon receipt and report any problems or errors to Cannon within 2 weeks. If goods are broken or damaged in transit, we will adjust the claim regardless of who is at fault, however we ask that you report the damage to the carrier.

For domestic U.S. shipment claims:

  • If the damage is <$100.00, please notify Customer Service.
  • If the damage is >$100.00, retain the original shipping carton and request a carrier inspection within 15 days of delivery. Send your claim along with a copy of the inspection report prepared by the carrier's agent to Customer Service.

For International shipment claims:

  • Export shipments are insured against "all risks", including breakage unless otherwise instructed by the customer. Customers who request that we not insure a shipment are solely responsible for any claims.
    • Please notify Customer Service for shipments insured by CANNON and we will handle the claim directly.
    • For shipments insured by another party adjustment may be made through the local agent of that party's insurance company.
  • Ocean shipment is not recommended and may invalidate the warranty on certain products. If shipment of insured items is requested by ocean freight and the items are damaged or lost in transit, adjustments are handled in one of the following ways:
    • CANNON places the claim in the U.S.: Contact Customer Service and provide copies of the insurance certificate, the bill of lading and the commercial invoice along with details of the loss as reported to the carrier. For damage >$100.00, a survey report issued by the insurance adjuster must also be provided.
    • A local agent for the insurance company handles the adjustment.
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