CANNON offers a variety of density meters to cover a wide range of industrial and research applications. From the benchtop, automated D155 densitometer to the portable, handheld Densi-H, CANNON densitometers precisely and easily determine the density of a variety of liquids including pharmaceutical and petroleum products, biofuels, food and beverages, chemicals, consumer products, cosmetics and more. In addition to the CANNON brand of densitometers, we have partnered with KEM (Kyoto Electronics Manufacturing) to expand our offering to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

  • Product Total: 5

D155 Density/Specific Gravity Meter

Densi-H Handheld Density/Specific Gravity Meter

DA-640 Density/Specific Gravity Meter

DA-645 Density/Specific Gravity Meter

DA-650 Density/Specific Gravity Meter

  • Product Total: 5
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