Automated Viscometers and Rheometers

CANNON offers a complete line of automated viscometers and rheometers to fit every need and every budget.

Product categories include:

  • Kinematic viscometers (portable, benchtop and laboratory)
  • Specialized polymer viscometers
  • Rotary viscometers (including SAE J300 instruments)
  • Bending beam rheometers (specialized for asphalt binders)
  • Rheometers (rotational and oscillatory)

Advantages of automation:

  • Increased overall lab productivity & efficiency
  • Improved data consistency & reduced variability
  • Lower operating costs

The 10 best reasons to automate your viscosity testing ...

Manual To Automation Brochure

  • Product Total: 30

Black Pearl Controlled Rate Rotational Rheometer

CAV® 4.2 Dual-Bath Kinematic Viscometer

CAV®-2100 Single-Bath Kinematic Viscometer

CCS-2100 Automated Cold-Cranking Simulator

CCS-2100LT Automated Cold-Cranking Simulator

CMRV-4500 Mini-Rotary Viscometer

CMRV-5000 Self-Contained Mini-Rotary Viscometer

DPV® Digital Paddle Viscometer

HTHS Series II High-Temperature, High-Shear Viscometer

miniAV® Single-Bath Kinematic Viscometer

miniAV®-HT High Temperature Kinematic Viscometer

miniAV®-LT Single-Bath Sub-Zero Kinematic Viscometer

miniAV®-X Single-Bath Kinematic Viscometer

miniPV® Single-Bath Dilute Solution Polymer Viscometer

miniPV®-H Hardened Single-Bath Dilute Solution Polymer Viscometer

miniPV®-HX Hardened Single-Bath Dilute Solution Polymer Viscometer

miniPV®-X Single-Bath Dilute Solution Polymer Viscometer

miniQV®-X Single-Bath Kinematic Viscometer

PolyVISC® AIRBATH® Dilute Solution Polymer Viscometer

PulpVIS® Portable Kinematic Viscometer

SimpleVIS® Portable Automated Kinematic Viscometer

SimpleVIS® II Portable Viscometer for Subambient Testing

SimpleVIS®+ Portable Viscometer with Active Cooling

SPS Solution Preparation System

TE-BBR Thermoelectric Bending Beam Rheometer

TE-BBR Pro Thermoelectric Bending Beam Rheometer

TE-DPV® Thermoelectric Rotational Paddle Viscometer

TESC Thermoelectric Sample Conditioner System

V-2020 Rotational Viscometer

Ravenfield BS/C+ HTHS Tapered Plug Viscometer

  • Product Total: 30