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CANNON CAV® 2000 Series Automatic Viscometers

  • Modular Benchtop Unit (Small Footprint)
  • Variable Temperature Selection from 20°C to 100°C (150°C with High-Temperature Option)
  • Viscosity Range of 0.5 to 5000 cSt*
  • ASTM D 445 Precision
  • Powerful VISCPRO® forWindows® 98, 2000, NT, and XP® Software
  • CE Marked for Safe, Reliable Performance
(*Special viscometers with ranges up to 10,000 cSt are available upon request)

The CANNON 2000 Series automatic viscometers are benchtop versions of the original CANNON Automatic Viscometer (CAV), the world's leading automatic viscometer for nearly 30 years, used by most major companies in the petroleum industry. 2000 Series instruments are now available in two models. The CAV-2100® features a single-bath modular construction with two viscometers per bath. The CAV-2200® features a dual-bath modular construction with a single viscometer in each bath. Most other specifications are identical for both models.


Designed for unattended operation, each CANNON CAV® 2000 Series viscometer provides fully automatic kinematic viscosity testing within parameters specified by ASTM D 445. The CANNON CAV® 2000 Series instruments measure flow rates within ±0.001 second by electronically timing the liquid meniscus as it moves between thermistor sensors. Bath temperature is controlled to an accuracy better than ±0.01°C at any selected temperature between 20°C and 100°C, and an accuracy better than ±0.03°C between 100°C and 150°C (high-temperature option required above 100°C), exceeding the precision requirements of ASTM D 445. Dark or opaque liquids may be measured with the same precision as transparent liquids.


An outstanding feature of the CANNON CAV® 2000 Series viscometers is modularity. A CANNON CAV® 2000 Series instrument consists of: 1) one to four single- or dual-Bath Units, 2) a Service Unit (regulates vacuum/pressure and solvent flow), and 3) a Solvent Dispensing Unit for use with the customer’s pressureless solvent vessel. As many as four single- or dual-Bath Units may be connected to a single Service Unit and Solvent Dispensing Unit, and IBM®-compatible computer. A laboratory may begin operating with a single Bath Unit containing two viscometers, then add additional Bath Units as the work load increases. The Multi-Unit Interface Kit included with the CANNON CAV® 2000 Series allows two, three, or four bath units to be connected to a single PC computer.

Viscometer Tubes

All standard CANNON CAV® 2000 Series viscometer tubes accurately measure kinematic viscosity over a 100-fold kinematic viscosity range (e.g., 1 to 100 cSt, 6 to 600 cSt, etc.). A kinematic viscosity range of 0.5 to 5000 cSt can be obtained within a single Bath Unit by selecting two viscometers with complementary viscosity ranges. (see table below for available tube sizes). Fast-run tubes (10-fold range) are also available for time-critical and/or high-throughput applications.


CANNON Instrument Company was the first to provide fully-automatic sample-handling for multiple-sample kinematic viscosity testing. Our pneumatic system is proven and safe (no complicated gears or electric motors), and so robust that original CAV instruments over 20 years old are still in use today. The CANNON quest for more efficient automatic sample-handling capability has generated a host of high performance options including 10-, 13-, 20- and 50-position sample trays, a Solo® Cup test option, plastic and glass sample vials, heated sample trays, and other enhancements (see CAV Accessories & Options). The standard unheated 13-position sample trays allow the operator to load up to 13 samples per viscometer tube for unattended operation. A sample quantity of approximately 12 mL is required for single or double determinations using standard-size sample vials. Throughput for each bath is up to 8 samples per hour for each standard viscometer tube, and up to 12-15 samples per hour per tube for optional Fast-Run viscometer tubes, depending on sample viscosity and user-configurable test and wash settings. A single instrument can now test up to 100 samples without operator input!

VISCPRO® Software

VISCPRO software for Windows® 98, 2000, NT, and XP® automates multiple sample testing for the CAV. With VISCPRO youcan save and restore multiple instrument configurations and/or sample ID information with a few mouse clicks. Three security levels help to protect against inadvertent changes in instrument configuration or sample testing procedures. The VISCPRO software also includes configurable security features unavailable in previous DOS and Windows® versions. As VISCPRO controls the CAV, test data is written to a Microsoft® Access® database file. The software provides user-configurable reports which can be used to retrieve selected information from the database. Analyses can be displayed on the computer screen, printed, saved to an ASCII file or transmitted to the user's Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) via a serial connection. VISCPRO is shipped with a companion program, the Database Manager, which provides convenient and powerful functions for managing and archiving database data. User-friendly Help files simplify the operation of VISCPRO.


The CANNON CAV® 2000 Series incorporates many new safety features, including dual over-temperature fault circuits for each bath. A fluid level float built into the bath prevents the heating elements from operating when they are uncovered. All of the bath fluid expansion from cold-fill to 150°C is contained within the bath (CAV-2200) or an internal expansion vessel (CAV-2100). An electrical/pneumatic interlock on the solvent waste receiver prevents solvent dispensing with the drain disengaged. The confined sample area and integral vent manifold allows for efficient solvent vapor/fumes extraction. A dual-pane exterior window insulates the warm bath and isolates it from the user. Heated drain lines are now standard on all CANNON CAV® 2000 Series automatic viscometers.


The CANNON CAV® 2000 Series has two modes of operation: 1) normal (remote) mode, providing fully-automatic computer-controlled operation using VISCPRO software for Windows® 98, 2000, NT, and XP®; and 2) local mode, using instrument panel keypad commands for single drop flow time and kinematic viscosity determinations. Local mode does not require the use of a computer and is particularly useful in diagnostic work. The temperature of the CANNON CAV® 2000 Series bath is monitored by a thin-film RTD sensor and displayed on the front panel. The CAV-2100 includes a "quiet" stirred bath design while the CAV-2200 provides pump circulation of bath fluid; both systems permit rapid temperature recovery during tube washing and when changing from one test temperature to another. A self-training tube sensor level detection circuit eliminates the need for manual adjustments. Calibration of the CANNON CAV® 2000 Series viscometer tubes is simple – tubes can be calibrated from stored test data without interrupting regular testing. VISCPRO automatically incorporates calibration results into its calculations. Serviceability of the CANNON CAV® 2000 Series viscometers is unparalleled in the industry.

Required Equipment and Utilities (not provided by CANNON)

  • Computer Specifications
  • 115V AC, 20 amp circuit or 230V AC, 10 amp circuit (depending on model number)
  • External exhaust fan for solvent vapors (4-inch diameter hose connection on instrument)
  • External compressed air supply (60 psi, 414 kPa) (low flow)
  • Pressureless solvent vessel for use with the Solvent Dispensing Unit
  • Nitrogen source for tube drying (if desired)
  • External cooling water chiller with built-in circulating pump (not required
    for CAV operation at temperatures higher than 10°C above ambient.)

CANNON CAV® 2000 Series Specifications

Bath Unit Dimensions:

305 mm wide x 1016 mm deep x 1245 mm high (12x40x49")

Service Unit Dimensions:

178 mm wide x 508 mm deep x 356 mm high (7x20x14") Solvent Dispensing Unit


178 mm wide x 508 mm deep x 356 mm high (7x20x14")

Viscosity Range:

0.5 to 5000 cSt depending on viscometer tubes

Bath Temperature:

Variable from 20°C to 100°C with an accuracy better than ± 0.01°C. High temperature bath option (up to 150°C, ± 0.03°C) available by request.

Drop Time Resolution:

0.01 seconds (timing accuracy to ±0.001 second)

Operating Conditions:

10%-90% RH non-condensing. Installation category II; Pollution degree 2


CE Mark: EMC directive (89/336/EEC); Low voltage directive (73/23/EEC); HI-POT (1900 VDC, 60 sec.)

Preferred Bench Height:

28 to 30 inches Computer: Contact CANNON Instrument Company for current specifications and an installation guide detailing space, equipment and utility requirements.

CANNON CAV® 2000 Series Order Information

Catalog #

Item Description

CAV-2100, 115 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 1650W
CAV-2200, 115 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 1650W
CAV-2100F, 230 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 1750W
CAV-2200F, 230 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 1750W
CAV-2100, 100 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 1750W
CAV-2200, 100 volts AC, 50/60 Hz, 1750W
*Please specify exact voltage and frequency when ordering

Industries Served

Refinery quality control laboratories
Refinery satellite laboratories
Research & development laboratories
Lube oil blending and packaging facilities
Oil analysis laboratories
Engine manufacturers
Transmission manufacturers
Marine shipping lines
Power companies
Chemical companies
Distribution terminals
Grease manufacturers
Manufacturing companies utilizing
hydraulic robotics

Typical CANNON Automatic
Viscometer Applications

Used oil analysis
Base stock analysis
Additive analysis
Fully-formulated oil analysis
Marine fuel testing
Crude oil testing
Hydraulic oil testing
Light and heavy fuel testing

Available CANNON CAV® 2000
Series Tube

Standard Tubes
Fast-Run Tubes
Kinematic Viscosity Range*
Other tube sizes available by special order.
*mm2/s (centistokes)