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ACR-M3 Micro Carbon Residue Tester

The ACR-M3 is used in the determination of the amount of carbon residue formed after evaporation and pyrolysis of petroleum material under conditions specified in ASTM D 4530, which is intended to provide some indication of the relative coke forming tendency of such materials. The ACR-M3 offers precise control of test conditions, and requires smaller samples and less operator involvement than previous models. Up to twelve samples may be tested simultaneously, including a control sample.

  • ASTM D 4530, ISO10370
  • Excellent Repeatability and Reproducibility
  • Vinyl Laminated Trap for Easier and Safer Removal
  • One-Button Operation
  • Superb Temperature Control

Small Sample: Test can be run with a small quantity of sample (0.15 to 1.5g for small vials, 3.0g for med vials and 5.0g for large vials, depending on carbon residue content).

Easy Operation: Test automatically proceeds exactly as prescribed by simply pushing the START switch. Pressure controller (2nd stage regulator) and solenoid valve supply constant pressure. No fine tuning is required after test starts. The buzzer sounds intermittently for 10 seconds when the process is finished.

Equipped With Gas Flow Meter: With the N2Gas flow meter and needle valve fitted on the front panel, process parameters can be easily checked and calibrated.

Vinyl Laminated Trap: The condensate trap is equipped on the front of the tester. Thanks to this, the condensate volume is easy to confirm and the trap easily attaches and detaches. Trap jar is vinyl laminated for safety.

Excellent Repeatability/Reproducability:
Repeatability and reproducibility are excellent. Since the electronic temperature control is far more precise compared to that of Conradson method’s.


Conforming Standards:
ISO 10370, ASTM D4530.

Coking Oven:
with circular heating chamber, φ85mm by 105mm deep, made of stainless steel
Heater: Pipe type, 700W ×2, made of stainless steel
Heating Range: Up to 500℃

Process Controller:
Digital Programmable Controller, model PC-935

JIS J-type (Fe-Constantan)

Pressure Controller (2nd stage regulator):
Primary Pressure: 1400kPa max.
Control Range: 20 to 750kPa (usually 150kPa)

Flow Meter:
0.1 to 1L/min

Flow Rate:
Automatically regulated at 150ml/min and
600ml/min, According to ASTM D4530

Condensate Trap:
200ml vinyl laminated glass jar with threaded mouth

The tester stops operation with the secondary pressure less than 80kPa programmable controller cuts the heater output and sounds buzzer continuously when the oven is abnormally heated above 550°C. Farther more, a separate circuit performs the same function when the oven heated above 600°C.

Dimension & Weight:
350W×390D×460H (mm), 21kg

Power Supply:
AC100/120V or 220/240V 50/60Hz 1.6kW(max)

N2Gas Supply:
Bomb 200 to 500kPa or from piping
Inlet:φ10mm hose nipple
(Consumption: Approx. 40L of N2Gas/test)

To be made to an exhaust hood or fume hood
Exhaust Outlet:φ10mm hose nipple

An analytical balance

Standard Accessories:

    1 Small Vials (100/box) 1 box
    2 Large Vials (50/box) 1 box
    3 Holder for Small Vials 1 pc
    4 Holder for Large Vials 1 pc
    5 Hook 1 pc
    6 Condensate Trap 1 pc
    7 Oven Seal Lid 1 pc
    8 AC Power Code (1.5m) 1 pc
    9 Braided Hose for N2Gas (3m) 1 pc
    10 Wire Band for N2Gas 2 pcs
    11 Rubber Hose for Exhaust (5m) 1 pc
    12 Hose Band for Exhaust 1 pc
    13 Instruction Manual 1 copy

Optional Accessories:

    1 Medium Vials (100/box): Test for ISO 10370
    2 Holder for Mixed Vials (small/medium * 6 and Large * 3)
    3 1st Stage Regulator for nitrogen gas bomb: model WR-11-NP
    Primary Pressure: 15000kPa max
    Control Range: 0 to 500 kPa
    Materials: Brass
    Screw Size: PT 1/4" or NPT 1/4"